boxes with knobs

Famous boxes throughout the ages...

Obviously, these boxes must have always been pretty popular. It's not like somebody just came along last year and "invented" the things, after all. Our evidence? The "boxkeeper" tradition has been faithfully and carefully passed down to selected individuals through the ages. The legacy of the box is truly ancient and mysterious, as proven below in Stanley Kubrick's 1967 epic, 2001: A Space Odyssey.

That mysterious box (aka "The Obelisk") from Stanley Kubrick's 2001.
Carl Sagan once suggested that our universe is populated by "billions and billions" of such boxes.

Another infamous, yet lesser known box goes by the moniker "The Puzzle Box", and has been featured in Clive Barker's Hellraiser series. Known across the universe (and affiliated dimensions) for being the consumate badass, this little box has aided and abetted the most awesome demonic posse ever brought to screen in tearing hapless souls apart. Even the poor old all-powerful SAG was forced to allow this humble box to join!

Hellraiser Puzzle Box
Often called "Diminished Dodecahedron" due to a childhood birth defect, its quick rise to power gave earned it the name "Puzzle Box".

Surely, with the unforgettable contributions of famous boxes such as "The Obelisk" and "The Puzzle Box", we can only imagine what magic, might and wonderment the next generation of boxes has in store for us!

the box, sans knobs,
same box, different day.